The Buckland
A palette of face brick, bold painted steel and metal filigree elements characterise the façade of this clever combination of large footprint apartments and contemporary terraces addressing a pedestrian footway.
Alexandria NSW
Dom Bennett, Karina Rafailov,
Simon Wood

In 2014, BMA were engaged to provide design modification services to an existing development application on this site. The scheme was conceived as a row of terrace houses addressing a pedestrian link between streets and a low rise apartment building with high quality large format apartments addressing the street. We worked within the existing DA envelope to amend and refine the apartment and townhouse configurations internally, and to redesign the external expression of all buildings, which are now characterised by fine edge steel detailing. We were also engaged to develop interior design concepts for the apartments.  BMA were not involved in the construction documentation and delivery stages of the project, but it is great to see our design work delivered with such clarity and attention to detail.

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