About Us

Our architecture is about simple things executed beautifully. While our buildings may look different to each other, they all embody the same principles of sensual experience, sustainability, honesty of materials, construction credibility and distinction.
We are positive, responsive, and easy to work with. We gauge success by consistently developing successful ongoing relationships with those involved in our projects. We understand that an important part of our role is leading, motivating and igniting a sense of ownership across the design team. Experience has taught us that best results are achieved when all stakeholder contexts are aligned, communication is open and clear, expert input is integrated accurately, and mutual respect is won.

There is little room for ego at BMA. Our design process is genuinely collaborative, with Project Directors engaging with our broadly skilled and experienced team of 15 staff to deliver richly diverse and unique projects every time.

We also actively promote working in a collaborative environment with our clients, authorities, consultants, builders, suppliers and other team members to arrive at are fined, efficient and beautiful result.

We value not only innovative and inspirational design at a project’s inception, but rigour, clarity and accuracy during our design development, documentation, tender and construction processes.

We are skilled in the art of balancing aspirations and pragmatics, and consider cost, programme and build ability integral to the design development process. We test our design decisions against these parameters regularly and actively promote the same within the design team.

We are successfully engaged in a broad range of project types and scales, including houses, urban housing, commercial and industrial projects, and resort hospitality.
Our Team
Dominic Bennett
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Dom is a NSW Registered Architect with over 25 years of wide ranging local architectural experience. 

After completing an honours Bachelor of Architecture degree at UTS in 1995, Dom worked on site for a construction company, deepening his understanding of construction methodology, buildability in design and effective communication with construction staff. 

An opportunity to be involved in an aged care development was the catalyst for establishing a small architectural practice in 1999. After successful completion of a number of projects, Dom sought broader experience in multi-unit residential architecture, and joined Turner + Associates Architects in 2001.

Dom quickly became a central part of the growth of TAA from 7 to 45 staff over about ten years and became an Associate Director in 2008. During this time, he achieved success not only in conceptual design work, but in the coordination and detail resolution of building design, consistently delivering high quality buildings with the design intent firmly intact.

In 2008, Dom began work as the Associate Director responsible for the design development and delivery of the multi-award winning Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa in the Blue Mountains of NSW, a role he undertook until the completed resort opened in late 2009.

Dom and his wife Jacki then established Bennett Murada Architects with a vision to build an architectural practice focused on design quality, mutually respectful client relationships, team wellbeing, and construction credibility. The practice specialty would not be a particular building typology, but a robust and positive experience for all stakeholders.

As Managing Director, Dom now shepherds the sustainable growth of our confident and broadly skilled team of architects, matching the development of the team’s experience and skillset to the trajectory of our project and client pipeline. He draws on his extensive local experience to provide strategic design input to our projects at a macro level, but also mentors our team in the beautiful and effective resolution of the project details.  

Dom’s search for the missing piece of the ever-evolving puzzle of architecture has most recently been focused on the use of sustainable construction technologies such as engineered timber, and the off-site manufacture of quality housing for people with a disability.
Jacki Bennett
Co-Founder and Practice Manager
Jacki has been a NSW registered Architect since 2000. She graduated with honours from UTS in 1996 and has since gained extensive executive level experience in the design development, documentation, quality assurance and delivery of multi-unit residential projects, commercial projects and housing projects.

As a member of Sydney architectural practices including Roger J. Thrum+Associates, DesignInc and Turner+Associates, Jacki developed her role as a design development and construction documentation stage systems coordinator, gaining a reputation for fierce dedication to accuracy, clarity and resolution of construction documentation.

Part of Jacki's role at BMA is promoting accurate, timely, clear, and high quality documentation by our project teams through regular and timely QA. Beyond this, Jacki continues to develop and refine the BMA toolkit; a primary source of sound technical precedent, documentation benchmarking and tested profoma resources for our teams.
John Wilkin
Design Director
John is a NSW registered Architect with exceptional local experience in a broad range of project typologies. After completing his apprenticeship at EMTB, the architects for the National Gallery and High Court in Canberra, he then worked for almost twenty years at Candelapas Associates.

During that time he progressed to become Director of Projects, being instrumental in the design, approvals, documentation and delivery of numerous houses, multi-storey residential and commercial buildings.

John has worked across a broad range of building typologies and stages from conceptual master planning, design competitions for City of Sydney, detailed project design and coordination for projects up to 18 storeys.

He has engaged with all levels of local and state government in NSW and participated in numerous community consultations in Sydney and regional areas. During his time at Candelapas Associates he also designed and constructed his own house, which was subsequently published in numerous architecture and interior design journals, and was awarded a commendation at the NSW Institute of Architects awards in 2009.

In 2015, John joined BMA as Design Director, and has since driven the practice design trajectory at both strategic and detail level ever since. His passion and tireless commitment to a great outcome in every circumstance has been integral to the evolution of the practice culture, and is evident in the experience of all our work.
Brien Kwong
Delivery Director
After starting his career as a draftsman, Brien graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from UTS Sydney in 1997 and has been working in the industry for over 30 years. Early in his career, he gained invaluable experience across multiple sectors including corporate interiors, multi-residential development, hospitality and residential projects.

After becoming a registered architect, he became a director of Castlepeake. For nearly 20 years, he was involved in the design and documentation of high-end residential dwellings from concept through to handover. During this time, he helped design and build his rammed earth weekender at Seal Rocks, which won one of HIA’s NSW Regional House of the Year awards in 2009.

Brien brings a wealth of technical experience and as BMA’s Delivery Director, is responsible for ensuring our skilled team carries through the design intent in a timely manner with detailed, high quality documentation.

He is motivated to mentor and develop the skillset of our team of architects and interior designers which in turn will uphold BMA’s philosophy of architecture being about simple things executed beautifully.