Noble Green
This project is a new six storey residential flat building containing 26 apartments addressing a busy urban corner in a rapidly evolving urban renewal area in inner Sydney. A robust palette of off form concrete and face brick is organised into a strong geometric façade enclosing a communal podium courtyard.
Rosebery, NSW
Simon Wood

This site has a prominent corner address, located on Cressy St and Mentmore Ave. A three-storey heritage listed stone building is located to the North of the site along Mentmore Avenue, and a single-storey heritage listed rendered masonry industrial building is located on the other boundary. Despite the presence of these heritage items, this area is undergoing rapid redevelopment into mid-scale, multi-unit residential flat buildings.

Two discreet buildings are set over a double-storey face brick masonry base, containing eleven terrace houses, and entry lobbies for apartments over. This masonry facade forms a strong base building, making reference to the solidity of the adjacent heritage buildings, but also employs finely detailed masonry screening and corner elements articulating the street wall at eye level. The terrace houses open onto an elevated central podium courtyard over located car parking and service areas, providing generous deep soil planting, communal recreation facilities and private courtyard spaces.

Above the brick datum sits a pair of four storey concrete framed and glazed buildings containing predominantly single-storey apartments, with some top-storey apartments connected internally to private roof terraces and mezzanine loft bedroom spaces. Articulated from the masonry base below by a deep shadow line, the expression of these building elements includes a crisp orthogonal frame with subtle shifts in the geometry, providing movement and variation to shadows cast throughout the day.

These long slim building forms promote a high standard of residential amenity and privacy through daylight access, cross ventilation and orientation, but also focus the outlook from living spaces onto the generous communal podium courtyard within.

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