Lower Wycombe Road Neutral Bay Terraces
A pair of gracious but delapidated boarding-house terraces are faultlessly restored and re-cut for contemporary family life, and a clever new coach-house dwelling activates the rear laneway”.
Neutral Bay NSW
Maryanne Taskovski, Fiona Blades, Sarah Canavan, Gabriela Reitmaier, John Wilkin, Dom Bennett
Brett Boardman / Simon Wood

The intrinsic character and value of a pair of dilapidated Victorian terraces located in Neutral Bay was recognised as an integral part of our client’s brief for this project. Aside from refurbishing and extending these buildings as high quality contemporary family residences, our brief was to optimise the site’s development potential through subdivision into three allotments and the design of a new contemporary dwelling at the rear of the site. The project was approved by North Sydney Council in 2018, and after documenting the project for construction, BMA continued to add value during the construction phase of the project.

The street facade of the terraces has been carefully restored with period detail in mind, and a contemporary palette of face brickwork, timber fretwork and metal clad roof window elements characterises the new works behind. Cleverly conceived and planted courtyard spaces blur the facade line of the living spaces, and building forms have been carefully sculpted to balance privacy and amenity. The result is a contextually appropriate and elegantly resolved group of three familial but distinct residences.

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