Echidna Stage 1
The refurbishment of Echidna lodge is an early stage in the delivery of a new site master plan for a experiential educational and accommodation facility on Sydney’s rural fringe.
Vision Valley, NSW
Dom Bennett, John Wilkin, Sarah Canavan and Rebecca Emery
Bokeh & Co
Buildline Constructions

The operational challenge for this project was to safely and efficiently deliver the work between experiential educational programmes being delivered elsewhere on site, so the refurbishment was split into two stages, with the first (Stage 1) being undertaken as exempt development to ensure the work was completed under a short programme between group intakes at the site. This approval path limited the work to internal and non-structural works.

Originally constructed from face brick and expressed timber structure, the lodge building presented as tired but sound. The living space was considered insufficient for current standards, the layout of bedroom storage was inefficient, and the kitchen was inappropriate for sharing by guests.  The scope of the stage 1 refurbishment, therefore, consisted of new bedroom joinery and finishes throughout, the conversion of some bedroom spaces into living space, and the delivery of a new shared kitchen.

The refurbishment palette retains some of the original internal face brick in contrast with crisp white walls, roof timbers and ceilings above the datum. The original timber flooring was exposed and refinished to common areas, along with new neutral carpet to bedroom spaces.  Custom bedroom and kitchen joinery is finished in a blonde plywood laminate.

Close collaboration between the builder, consultants and school representatives (including students who attended workshops on the design) was therefore fundamental to the project being delivered efficiently, to a very high quality, and on budget. We look forward to the next stage of work beginning later this year.


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