Doody Street Stage 1
A new showroom, warehouse and digital design office for a rapidly growing Australian tech company has since become stage one in the evolution of this property in parallel with the business.
Alexandria NSW
Dierdre Kelly, Jacqueline Bennett, Dom Bennett
Simon Wood

36 Doody Street is a 1,200sqm commercial office and warehouse project designed as an extension to an existing industrial facility on the site for Coates Group, an Australian signage design and manufacturing company. As the focus of the business evolves along with digital technology, a need for high quality studio office space, improved presentation and display spaces, and more efficient warehousing has emerged.

BMA’s design therefore focuses on the provision of a new corporate address to Doody Street, the seamless integration of the existing warehouse facility into the new complex, and the provision of smart, efficient and sustainable commercial space reflecting the future trajectory of the company.

Acknowledging its industrial context, the new building has an expressed structural steel frame with lightweight cladding infill, polished concrete floors and a sawtooth roof providing natural daylighting to the new workspace.

We love working with organisations like Coates Group who recognise that their business premises are a powerful expression of their brand, and are integral to their commercial culture.

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