Doody Street Stage 2
An opportunity arising from major storm damage to the dated single storey office space was grabbed by our client. They recognised the value of a well designed workplace as a representation of the brand, and a healthy and productive work environment attracting best and brightest to the team.
Alexandria, NSW
Matthew Wong, Dom Bennett
Simon Wood

Slightly smaller in scale, at approximately 800 square metres in area, Doody Street Stage 2 exemplifies changes in technology for businesses such as Coates Signage that once required storage for large plastic or other synthetic signage. Now with a digital emphasis, this warehouse lent itself to expanding the office areas, along with the amenities for staff.

Bennett Murada Architects retained the ‘bones’ of the 1980s precast concrete warehouse but inserted an outdoor courtyard within the building’s core. Used as a lunch space, a place for informal meetings, as well as functions and staff get-togethers for Friday drinks, this courtyard also brings natural light into the spaces. With its operable pleated parasol-style waterproof roof and featuring a green wall, it can be used throughout the entire year, even transforming into a Pilates studio for staff.


Doody Street Stage 3, featuring a cross laminated timber warehouse providing additional office space, is expected to be completed in 2023.

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